Trusted Criminal Defense Representation

A criminal charge often has consequences beyond jail time. You may face large fines, lost educational and career opportunities, and a tarnished reputation. At the Law Offices of William J. Sweeney, we use experience and knowledge of the law to reduce or eliminate your criminal charges. We understand that every case must be handled with care and attention. We will investigate and strongly advocate for your interests. Our law office has represented clients in a variety of different criminal cases, including:

  • Drug crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Grand jury proceedings
  • State and federal crimes

An Experienced Legal Resource For Federal Charges

Attorney William J. Sweeney Jr. is a trusted white collar crimes attorney who has been involved in all of the major political corruption cases in Connecticut in the past 30 years. Both plaintiffs and defendants have trusted him as their legal advocate in cases involving charges of embezzlement, theft of services, tax fraud, a conspiracy in restraint of trade, wire fraud and more. His detailed understanding of both sides of criminal law provides a multifaceted defense.

Attorney William J. Sweeney Jr. takes decades of experience in major cases to offer skilled courtroom strategies when your reputation and your freedom are at risk. Our office will advocate on your behalf, no matter the severity of your charges. We focus on the preparation of facts to build you a strong defense against criminal allegations.

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Connecticut residents facing criminal charges should not hesitate to call a lawyer. It is important to get started on investigation and preparation in a timely manner. Contact our office, located in Downtown New Britain, to schedule a free consultation today. You can reach us at 800-496-1524, or fill out our online contact form.